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Welcome to the official website of Neill Lyons.

The primary focus of this site is to provide information on the bodhrán player Neill Lyons, and to provide a little background information on bodhráns.

Drums are a universal instrument. In most cultures and tribes anywhere in the world, people make drums of some type. These drums are usually regarded as a significant element of the culture. The bodhrán, pronounced bo-ron or bow-ronn, is a hand held Irish frame drum with a single head, stemming from ancient origins.

Although variants of this design are found in many cultures, the bodhrán is usually associated with Irish traditional music. However, the bodhrán is now recognised as a versatile musical instrument and has been integrated into many different genres of music.

International Workshops

Neill is now available to teach the bodhrán at International workshops, and is willing to travel. If this is something you would like to discuss, please contact Neill at:


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